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Michal - 4 Mayo 05:12

This is essentially how I've seen the debate and been trying to get across with others. There is no logical reason to segregate bathrooms by sex except for silly societal traditions. There should be no debate about what bathroom a trans person should use. Anyone should use whatever bathroom they feel comfortable using. If assault or harassment happens in a bathroom, then we deal with it as if it happened anywhere else.

Helper - 16 Enero 03:06

There is another aspect of this to explore (probably more than one that is when people fetishize or exoticize people of other races. That isn't good either as it isn't seeing the person as a whole.

Francis - 10 Noviembre 12:23

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Bukovac - 16 Julio 14:53

I would hope we could learn from the Netherlands mistakes. I think we are both coming from a place that wants a better quality of life for sex workers. There will always be women and men who do choose this for a profession and there will always be people who are doing it out of what they feel is a necessity. Either way at least we can agree that they should all be better protected.

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